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Most of our competition in this market handles everything under the sun. Here at Burkies, we focus specifically on Mosquitoes and Ticks because we can service YOU the customer better. Imagine if Michael Phelps started doing cross country, maybe he’d be a good swimmer still, but not the best he could be. Here at Burkies Mosquito and Tick Spray, we want to be the Michael Phelps of Mosquito and Tick Control.

Why Just Mosquitos and Tick


51 different types of mosquitoes are found in Massachusetts. Mosquitoes are attracted to the lactic acid on your skin and the carbon dioxide you exhale. Fighting Mosquitoes in your yard requires work on your and my part. Things you can do to make your yard less of an area where mosquitoes might breed. Are to get rid of anything that can contain still water in your yard. Cut your grass often and don't leave the clippings and make sure your gutters are cleaned. After that leave the rest up to us.

mosquito pest control south shore, ma


The 2 most common types of ticks in Massachusetts are the deer and dog ticks. Deer and dog ticks, when nymphs( juvenile part of a ticks life cycle) can be extremely small, more often than not that is why lyme disease is so prominent in Massachusetts because of the extremely small deer ticks. Ticks are often referred to as the dirty needles of mother nature. Tips for keeping them out of your yard are once again keeping your yard cut regularly that means about every 2 weeks, cutting any overgrown bushes or shrubs that may extend over the area where you reside in your yard. A big one I often see is to keep wood piles away from your house and yard and keep the wood piles in the open where they get sun, these can be a major breeding ground for ticks. Lastly, create a natural barrier that keeps the surrounding of your yard dry and hot.

tick pest control south shore, ma


Treatment Types


Our organic spray is a wonderful mix of oils that smell and work wonderfully. The essential oils in the organic spray act as an octopamine blocker. This causes neurotransmission functions to go haywire and breakdown the nervous systems of insects. It kills both residual and on contact. This stuff packs a punch!

mosquito repellent boston


Our non-organic option is a synthetic based pyrethrin. It does not smell as good as organic unfortunately, but has a nice residual effect and kills mosquitoes and ticks on contact. This stuff will knock out all the mosquitoes and ticks in your yard. We use it to kill mosquitoes and ticks - we don’t discriminate and always go after both, unlike other companies who jack up charges for both mosquitoes and ticks.

tick repellent boston


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